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Woman of the year
2020 Woman of the Year Photo for website

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2020 Jenny Hart


The Woman’s Club of Ouray County is proud to announce
Jenny Hart as the 2020 Woman of the Year!

     Jenny Hart was acknowledged at the September 22 meeting at the Woman's Club Mini Park in Ouray. Co-President Heather Greisz made the announcement and read a list of Harts’ accomplishments. 


     Hart has lived in Ouray since 1995. Her mother grew up here in Ouray and was born in the hospital here.  My grandfather was the general manager of the Idarado Mine for many years.  

     She has been the fundraiser for Ouray Mountain Rescue since 1998.  In that time, she has helped to build the new rescue barn and also raised well over half a million dollars in that time with tee shirt sales, grants, and also the annual newsletter. In addition, she attends monthly meetings and trainings.  Hart also responds to rescues when they occur.  It is an incredible honor for her to participate with Ouray Mountain Rescue.  Hart notes, "The members of OMR are some of the most intelligent, dedicated, kind, and generous people you will ever meet".  

     She also volunteers with the Ouray Trails Group since she moved here. Before she had children, she used to do trail work several times a week in the summer. On one notable day, many years ago, they spent 13 hours cutting over 130 trees by hand twice (since each tree needs to be cut twice to remove the chunks off the trail). Since her children were born, she has helped to oversee their trail work as they have been helping on the trails since they were little. She organizes kids to help with trail work each summer to help them earn service hours for college. She also notes that this organization is also comprised of amazing individuals, most of whom are older than 60 and are retired.  When she retires, she plans to do more trail work with them.  

     Last, Hart has taught here in Ouray for 22 years. She taught in Montrose for three years before that.  She feels honored to work here, as she truly believe that Ouray School is the best school in the region by far.  She also manages the alternative licensure program on the Western Slope. This entails overseeing new teachers who are earning their license as they teach. As of May of 2019, she has helped 50 teachers to earn their license to teach! This second job has really made her a better teacher because it has helped her to understand her own teaching practice and make it the best it can be.  

     From daughter Mica Hart: My mom is an incredible advocate for making out community a better place. She is constantly volunteering her time to help others. These things include being on the mountain rescue team and being the fundraiser for that organization, volunteering for the trail group, helping extra with things and events at the school, participating in city government and going to meetings to remedy problems in town, and much more. Her attitude always seems to inspire others to work toward the betterment of our community. She is always encouraging others to work toward the same goal. She not only works toward helping people in Ouray, but she also is constantly aware of global issues too. She donates to nonprofit organizations. She is also always concerned with the environment. She is always doing her best to reduce reuse and recycle. She is an incredible mom and I am really grateful that you guys have noticed how awesome she is. 

From her husband Steve: Here are some things about Jenny's service on the rescue team:

  • She works very hard on fundraising. She sends out hundreds of letters every year to potential donors. She thanks donors personally and by letter. She is super organized with address lists and spreadsheets. She can track how much donors have given over the years. She really has increased the community's connection to the team. 

  • Although she would downplay her skills on the team, she shows up to a lot of rescues and is always effective. She really models dedication to the team. 

  • Teaching -she is one of those special teachers who works very hard and has great relationships with her students. She just work harder than most people most of the time!

Congratulations Jenny Hart!

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