medical loan closet

WCOC’s Medical Closet helps people and patients throughout Ouray County and our members, family and friends. Borrowers need not be members of or associated with the WCOC. Anyone in need of refurbished and sanitary medical equipment, from canes and leg braces to heating pads and ice packs to electric wheelchairs and assistive devices, can contact the group which will provide the requested medical equipment for as long as it is needed.

Need to borrow equipment? Please CONTACT US HERE  if you need something from the  Medical Loan Closet, and someone from the committee will get back to you promptly!

Due to a contribution by the late Gerry Weaver, widow of Dennis Weaver (Gunsmoke, McCloud), WCOC was able to update their equipment collection and find a new home for the Medical Loan Closet.

For more information about the Medical Closet, including to donate or to borrow equipment, please contact WCOC.


To help Gerry continue Dennis’s efforts, please visit and support the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park,  | P.O. Box 101  Ouray, CO 81427

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