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WCOC activities promote philanthropy

Following a tradition of more than a century, WCOC promotes community service and philanthropy in Ouray County. From the establishment of the Lincoln Memorial Library in 1898 to the recent establishment of the first Medical Loan Closet available to people in Ouray County and adjacent areas, the Woman’s Club continues the tradition.

Each year the club reviews proposals and grants money to many non-profit organizations of Ouray County. The program is funded primarily by the Annual Rummage sale, held each June. Club members contribute countless hours to help in this well-organized event. (Read more.) Members also donate baked goods for sale at Ouray’s Octoberfest and the Holiday Bazaar held annually at the Ouray County Event Center in Ridgway. Other activities throughout the year also help to fund the many programs supported by WCOC.

WCOC estabished and maintains a Woman’s Club ‘mini park‘ with trees, playground equipment and picnic tables. The club purchased an elevator for the Community center through resale of aluminum cans and personal donations. Club donations furnished and maintain a Hospice Room at the Valley Manor Care Center. WCOC contributions have funded improvements for the community center, beautification of Ridgway’s Town Park, trees for Ouray’s City Park, and the purchase of a vehicle for Ouray Mountain Rescue. Donations support the Ouray Skating Rink, Ouray Library, and Ouray Historical Society.

The Club’s Medical Loan Closet maintains donated and newly purchased (with club funds) medical items to be lent to local and area residents and includes everything from an electric wheelchair to oxygen Pulse Oximeters. (If you have an item to donate to the medical loan closet, [read more].

The Woman’s Club commitment to philanthropy continues to grow each year. All women of the Club freely contribute their time and talents toward making their towns and their county a better place to live.


Promoting philanthropy and community service in Ouray County.

Annual Rummage Sale
Grants to Non-profits
Medical Loan Closet
WCOC Park Clean-up
Highway Clean-up
Cemetery Clean-up
Hospice Room
Cares & Concerns
Food Pantry
Salad Luncheon
Holiday Bazaar
Christmas Cookies to shut-ins

Donations and help to
Ouray Library,
Ouray Community Center
Ouray Art Associations

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