candidate's forum 2019

City of Ouray 2019 Candidates 

Mayor Candidates 

Glenn Boyd 

Glenn Boyd is the current Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Ouray, a              position he has held since 2015 and has been on City Council since          2013. He has been a citizen of Ouray since 1993 and is a graduate of        Ouray High School Class of 1998. He is the Emergency Manager for         Ouray County. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an    emphasis in Finance. He has served on several boards and committees    including the City’s Community Master Plan Committee, the Ouray              Planning Commission Liaison, the Parks and Rec. Committee Liaison,

the Community Economic Development Committee Liaison, West Region Emergency Manager’s Group Chair, West Region EMS Trauma Council, Chair of the Local Emergency Planning Commission, and Chair of the Ouray County Multi-Agency Coordination Group. Glenn loves the City of Ouray and the City Organization. Glenn plans to work with the City Council as a team member and leader. He hope to help the City Council focus on maintain and upgrading the city’s infrastructure, budgeting with consideration of future maintenance and expenses in mind, and moving forward with the objectives and goals set forth in the City of Ouray Community Master Plan.

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Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Florida. Greg worked for utilities and energy holding companies for 32 years, starting off as an engineer and later serving in a variety of leadership roles, before retiring and moving to Ouray in 2014. Since moving to Ouray, Greg worked for Ouray County for almost three years, serving as a Deputy Clerk & Recorder. Greg is an

active volunteer in the community, is passionate about Ouray and wants to help the community to thrive without changing what makes Ouray great - it’s history, character, charm and authenticity.

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City Council

Dawn Glanc

Dawn for page.jpg

Dawn Glanc (pronounced Glance) is proud resident of Ouray. Dawn is a City Council Member, and she is the liaison to the Ice Park Advisory Team, Ouray Ice Park Incorporated, the Sneffels Energy Board and Eco Action Partners. Dawn works full time, as the manager at the Ouray Visitor Center. Along with implementing the new community plan her top three priorities for the city are Infrastructure, affordable housing and economic development.

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Mike Hakola

Mike has 43 years of technical and logistical experience with US Army and Army Reserve; Army asset management of 30 billion dollars projects; AA degree in Criminal Justice; 25 years Facilities Department Supervisor with University of California which included initiation, planning and execution of $800,000 projects; UC management of personnel/departments; UC Specifications Writing with Capital Project review for major construction; Ouray volunteerism has included Might Mini Horse Therapy Program, Wright Opera House and  the Historic Box Canon Sign.  Click here for Campaign Poster

Peggy Lindsey

Peggy Lindsey was born and raised west of Olathe Colorado.  She graduated from Olathe High in 1989.  She started working in Ouray at Cecilia's restaurant in 1988.  After graduation she moved to Ouray full time in 1995. Peggy has two children, both attended Ouray school.  Peggy bar-tended and waited tables for nine years at the Outlaw Restaurant.  She started working at Healing Touch Therapies at the Hot Springs pool in the summer of 2007.  She worked for seven years as a massage therapist before going to a local real estate course.  Peggy got her real estate license in 2004 and started working at Lesnefsky Real Estate.  When Lesnefsky retired Peggy took over the office with Gary Dunn.  They partnered in the business until 2012 when Dunn retired.  Peggy changed the name to Lindsey & Co. Real Estate and then Ouray Real Estate Corporation, as it remains today.  Peggy has a good business sense about her and has been successful in real estate for the past 15 years.  She believes she can bring some "new blood" to the counsil as well as fresh ideas for some hard issues.  Peggy's main objectives are: new infrastructure, new waste water plant, affordable housing and getting the community involved with our counsil. 

Bette Maurer

Bette Maurer.jpg

I have been serving on the Ouray City Council for almost 6 years and have strived to be a voice for the community. I moved here from Chicago and owned a motel with my partners. Since retirement,  I find I have the time to travel to all the meetings that keep the council in touch with the county, state and federal governments.


Forum Agenda


6:00 – 6:30 p.m.   Meet and Greet Time

6:30 p.m.              Michelle Nauer,

                                 Ouray County Clerk –

                                 Explain 2019 Ballot

6:45 p.m.              County Ballot Issue
                                 County Commissioner

                                 Explain basics

6:55 p.m.              Pro for County Ballot Issue

7:05 p.m.              Con for County Ballot Issue

7:15 p.m.              School Board Candidates

5 minute stretch break as dismiss
School Board Candidates

8:00 p.m.              Ouray City Council


5 minute stretch break as dismiss
City Council Candidates

9:05 p.m.              Ouray Mayoral


Candidate's Forum

The Candidates' Forum will be run by a moderator and timekeepers.


  • Questions for the Candidates must be submitted on the provided 3x5 cards at the Community Center the night of the event.

    • ​On the 3x5 card, please note what category the question is to be directed at (School Board, Ouray City Council or Ouray Mayor)
    • There will not be any questions taken for the County Ballot Referendum. A Pro and Con side for the ballot issue will be presented. 
    • Similar questions may be combined ​- so if your exact question isn't presented, it is because it has been combined with other similar questions (in the interest of time)

  • Every question goes to ALL of the candidates in the category​, Questions may not be directed at only one candidate

  • Each Candidate will be given:

    • Two (2) minutes for an introduction

    • One (1) minute to answer the question presented to the group

    • Two (2) minutes after questions for closing statement

  • There will be NO verbal questions taken​ from the audience. ONLY questions provided on 3x5 cards.

  • No personal questions or attacks will be allowed at any candidates

  • Civility is expected at this event.

K John Wood

K John Wood is a 48-year-old small business owner, a husband, and a father of 3 children who attend(ed) Ouray Schools. John holds degrees in Political Science and Geology from the University of Colorado-
Boulder. He spent 3 years working for Coca-Cola USA in regional brand marketing, was the Marketing Director for the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, has been a Middle School History teacher, and for the past 20 years a High School Soccer Coach. Mr. Wood relocated to Ouray with his family and business in 2014. In 2016, he reopened K J Wood Distillers at 929 Main St after completing construction of the new building. In 2015, he worked with a friend to restore the blighted “Old Wood House” in town, 2 blocks from Main St. where he and his family now reside. In 2017, John and his wife Marcy purchased the long vacant Billy Goats Gruff property and completed a full renovation and revitalization. In their time here they have activated 12 long-term rental apartments into the community and been instrumental in creating jobs. In the 5 years that John Wood has been in Ouray he has not only helped create jobs and invigorate the economy, he has invested his time and resources in many other charitable ways. He served on the Ice Park Sustainability Committee in 2017/18. He has chaired the Community Economic Development Committee, and serves as the most consistent Parent Member of the Ouray R-1 District Accountability Committee.
As K John Wood and his family say, they are committed to Ouray and the town's success; And, like the gamblers of Ouray yore, they have pushed all their chips to the center of the table and invested in Ouray!
K John Wood is looking for your vote for City Council.

Ouray School Board

Nate Disser

Mike Feeser 

Sam Sills

Sam for page.jpg

Sam Sills is passionate about education that meets the needs of all students. Sam has lived in Ouray for 5 years with his family and awesome Australian Shepherd. Sam has a BA in History and Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University. Prior relocating to Ouray he was a Nevada State Trooper for Nevada Highway Patrol where he served as a Field Training Officer for new recruits. He has two students who attend Ouray School. Both of his children have thrived at the school. Sam is committed to supporting our community, he has served on the Mt. Sneffels Education Foundation Board and is a regular volunteer at the school and for school activities. Sam hopes to continue to support current and future school programs as well as students, parents, and staff members as a part of the Ouray School Board of Education.

Aimee Vann 

Aimee Vann has had children in the Ouray School for 18 consecutive years and will continue to have children in the school for another 8 years. The Ouray School is a place where she has a lot of experience, has built strong relationships, and she feels passionate about it’s success. Aimee served on the Mount Sneffels Education Foundation board of directors for seven years, including three years as president. During her term as president, she accomplished many things to benefit the schools. Some of Aimee's professional achievements at the Ouray Public Library would also be beneficial to the board, including creating programs to advocate for student’s academic growth and mental health, grant writing, and creating productive partnerships with outside organizations. Aimee believes our teachers are the foundation of our great school. And, she will always work hard to do what's best for students.