candidate's forum 2021

City of Ouray 2021 Candidates 

Candidate listing is by alphabetical order.

Links are provided to the candidates' websites.

Mayoral Candidates 

Ethan Funk

Greg Nelson

Ouray City Council Candidates 

Aliyah Field

Heidi Forbes

Tamara Gulde

Jason Perkins

Josh Smith

Heather Toth


Ouray County Election Information

Ridgway School Board Information

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Ridgway School Board Candidate Forum Information

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County and City Ballot Issues

Ouray City Council Candidates

Ouray Mayoral Candidates

Candidate's Forum

The Candidates' Forum will be run by a moderator and timekeepers.


  • Questions for the Candidates must be submitted prior to the event by either the online link above OR at the Ouray Public Library (320 6th Avenue). 

    • Questions MUST be submitted by the day before the Candidates' Forum. No questions will be taken the day of - or the night of the Forum.
    • Similar questions may be combined ​- so if your exact question isn't presented, it is because it has been combined with other similar questions (in the interest of time)

  • Every question goes to ALL of the candidates in the category​, Questions may not be directed at only one candidate

  • Each Candidate will be given:

    • Two (2) minutes for an introduction

    • One (1) minute to answer the question presented to the group

    • Two (2) minutes after questions for closing statement

  • There will be NO verbal questions taken​ from the audience. ONLY questions provided ahead of time either submitted online OR at the Ouray Public Library.

  • No personal questions or attacks will be allowed at any candidates

  • Civility is expected at this event.