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WomAn of the year

1997 Melody Lanz
1998 Nancy Rule
1999 Elaine Munzing
2000 Gail Jossi
2001 Angie Henn
2002 Carol Harper
2003 Peggy Cox
2004 Michelle Nauer
2005 Caroline Stoufer
2006 Doris Sutton
2007 Nancy Nixon
2008 Carole Hopkins
2009 Pam Larson
2010 Dee Williams
2011 Joan Fedel
2012 M.E. Spirek
2013 Vicki Caldwell
2014 Sue Hillhouse
2015 Donna Whiskeman
2016 Mary Cockle
2017 Sabrina Butler
2018 Dee James

2020 Jenny Hart

2021 Joanie Gibbs 

          Maureen O'Driscoll

          Aimee Vann

2022 Heather Greisz

2023 Joan Moyer

2024 Lou Hart


Congratulations to Lou Hart! The 2024 WCOC Woman of the Year! Lou exemplifies volunteering in our community by giving of her time and talents to numerous organizations.

There were four exceptional Ouray County volunteers nominated to be voted on by WCOC members - Lou Hart, Andrea Sokolowski, Ruth Stewart and Susan Winton. The time that these women give as volunteers to our communities is impressive and greatly appreciated!

Lou was announced as the 2024 Woman of the Year at the June 18 WCOC Annual Luncheon. She was presented her award prior to the luncheon as she was going to be out of town.

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