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Promoting Community Service and Philanthropy

in Ouray County since 1897.

Membership is open to all Ouray County women, We would absolutely love to have you become a part of a historical, and most importantly, philanthropic Ouray County nonprofit organization!

Membership dues are needed to help support the mission of WCOC! 

Regular Members
To become a regular (full time) member of the Woman's Club of Ouray County, please attend three consecutive meetings/and or club activities**.  After attending three meetings and/or participate in club activities**, you may then be inducted into the club. All regular members are also asked to participate in club activities and on club committees. Consistent meeting attendance is expected of regular members.

Regular Member Annual Dues are $20

Associate Members 

Associate memberships are also available for part-time Ouray County residents, allowing for support of the organization without being able to attend meetings on a regular basis. Attend three meetings, and/or club activities**, to qualify to become a WCOC member.

Associate Member Annual Dues are $25

**Club activities would include volunteering at the annual Rummage Sale, volunteering at the Candidate's Forum, volunteering to work at a club bake sale, or any planned activity the club has to benefit the community.

Membership renewals are collected in the Spring of each year.

You can pay with cash, check or credit card! (Link below!)

Bring cash or check to the monthly meetings.

Please mail in memberships to:

P.O. Box 101

Ouray, CO  81427

Credit Card Payments Here
Pay your membership now through the WCOC Secure Square Site

Please pay by August 1 of each year

Memberships must be up-to-date to be included in the bi-annual WCOC yearbook.


Contact Us for more information on how to become a member of the Woman’s Club of Ouray County.

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