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About WCOC

Organized in 1897 to promote Community Service and Philanthropy in Ouray, Colorado, The Woman’s Club of Ouray County (WCOC) now has more than 60 members, and is growing.


The organization is proud to bestow monetary grants to approximately 25 Ouray County non-profit organizations each fall, with the proceeds from their Annual Rummage Sale and other community activities.

All women of the Club freely contribute their time and talents toward making their towns and their county a better place through activitiesevents, and donations of time and money.  


One of the current goals of the WCOC is to bring new, enthusiastic members into the Club. While every WCOC woman continues to live the Club’s motto of investigate, improve, and impart, the club cordially invites current Ouray County women to join us the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the Ouray Community Center to share outstanding programs, to celebrate wonderful friendship and food, and to give freely to the beautiful Ouray County, Colorado!

WCOC Officers
2022 2023 WCOC Officers.jpg

2022-2023 WCOC Officers (from L to R): Barbara Meckel, President Emeritus; Jen Brock, Co-President; Heather Greisz, Co-President; April Underwood, Co-Secretary; Becky Bellrose, Co-Secretary; Carol Harper, Treasurer; Nancy Potter, Co-Vice President (Membership); and Hazel Stevens Price, Programs. Not pictured Laurie Hakola, Co-Vice President (Membership); Dee Williams, Programs and Susan Winton, Co-Vice President (Membership).


2019-2020 WCOC Officers (from L to R): Lynne Evans, Co-Secretary; April Underwood, Co-Secretary; Barbara Meckel, Co-President; Carol Harper, Treasurer; Faith Parry, 1st Vice President-Programs; Heather Greisz, Co-President. Not pictured Bridgit Wall, Co-2nd Vice President - Memberships and Jen Brock, Co-2nd Vice President - Memberships.

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