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The Woman's Club of Ouray County is accepting help from local citizens as delivery volunteers, as well as make deliveries to  Ouray County residents
during this COVID-19 pandemic.


If you would like to VOLUNTEER to help, please send a note via the Contact Form below.

What would a volunteer do?

  • We would ask volunteers (who feel well and are not sick) to help make deliveries of groceries, prescriptions and possibly food bank boxes to individuals in our community who are staying home because they are sick, elderly or who have medical issues and do not want to go out into the community for supplies to avoid exposure.

  • Volunteers will NOT be asked to pay for items (groceries, prescriptions, etc) they may be picking up for delivery. The individual in the community who needs assistance would make arrangements with the grocery store, pharmacy, Ouray County Food Pantry for their items and make a payment. 

  • You will need a vehicle and (at this time) be willing to provide the fuel for your vehicle for the deliveries.

  • You may need GPS capability to locate addresses in Ouray County. 

  • You will received notification from the WCOC representative by either email or phone their is a pending delivery to pick up. It will be up to the volunteer as to when they could go and pick up the item for delivery on that same day, and to notify the recipient as to when they can expect the delivery to be made. As time goes on, there may be volunteers needed to make Ouray County Food Pantry deliveries on Thursdays.

  • You will also be provided the individual's name, address and phone number for the delivery for pickup from the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.

  • Deliveries will be placed outside at the recipient's home. (At no time should any volunteer go inside a home at the time of delivery) Once at the recipient's home, you can call and notify the individual their delivery is at their door, or predesignated location outside.

  • Occasionally, you may need to take a check for payment of the groceries back. Some of our older residents may not have a credit card for payment. 


If you are a resident of Ouray County, we have volunteers that are willing to help you if you are home sick, elderly or have a medical issue and you cannot go out into the community at this time!

We want to help you!

How does this work?

  If you need groceries or a prescription

    - Items must be purchased at an Ouray County business

     - Volunteers will NOT be going to Montrose

Contact the business, place your order and make payment for the item(s). Let them know a WCOC volunteer will be picking up your order.

     (970) 325-4397 or

  **If you are not able to get through to Duckett's by phone to place an          order, please call 970-787-0510 and we can place your order online.
    We will then have Duckett's call you to arrange payment.

Mountain Market in Ridgway

     (970) 626-5811 or

Ouray Meat and Cheese Market

     (970) 325-7322

Stacie's Apothecary Shoppe in Ridgway***

     (970) 626-7100

     ***Stacie's Apothecary can help you transfer a prescription

        to their pharmacy, and they will do all of the work!

Reach out to WCOC to arrange delivery:
- Use the Contact Form below
-  Email
-  Call 970-787-0510 to arrange for a 


  • Volunteers WILL NOT pay for items at the time of pickup. At this time they will only ask for an order in your name.

  • The volunteer will reach out to you to notify you when they will be able to bring your item(s). We will do everything possible to make sure a delivery is made that same day.

  • Deliveries will not be made from local restaurants at this time. We don't have enough volunteers to make that happen. But, many restaurants are offering delivery. Call them and ask!

  • Stay home and be safe!

WCOC Contact Form

Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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