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We cannot accept large pieces of furniture to display at the Rummage Sale due to space and available manpower to move it around.

Large furniture is heavy. Large furniture isn't fun to move around several times (especially up and down the Community Center stairs!)

Then, it becomes an issue at the end of the sale when the furniture hasn't sold. So, this is our solution to try to help you move a piece of furniture out of your home when you donate it to the WCOC, we sell it to benefit local nonprofits and the piece of furniture finds a new home! 

The WCOC will have an area designated at the Rummage Sale to feature pictures of large furniture items donated to the Rummage Sale. We will sell donated pieces and then we provide the seller's information to the buyer  - and those two parties arrange for the moving of the piece of furniture. So, it only gets moved once!

What we ask is that you fill out the form noted at the top right of this page. (if on a tablet or cell phone, the link to the WCOC Donated Furniture Form is below, in blue) 

Then, please send pictures of the item. Send the form and the photo(s) to

We will assign the item number for our reference. We will also not post the seller's information on the board. That is for our information (pictures and furniture forms will be connected by the Item #).

Furniture will be sold "as is". The WCOC makes no guarantees about the condition of any furniture being sold at the Rummage Sale. We assume those making donations to the WCOC are donating a piece of furniture in good faith and in good (or better) condition.

The WCOC cannot be held liable when the furniture is moved by either damage to the seller's property, or the piece of furniture.

We appreciate the support of our community!

This form can be typed on and then saved and submitted (as a link) 

via email.
Or, the form and pictures may be brought by the Ouray Community Center to be posted 
(Beginning Wednesday, August 25 during Donation Day!)

Please fill out a separate form for

each piece of furniture.

Don't forget to provide photos!!

Furniture cannot be sold

without a photo or a filled out form.

Email the filled out form and photos to


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