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The mission of the Home Trust of Ouray County is to grow an inclusive, economically diverse community by providing permanently affordable housing and housing-related resources to modest income households in Ouray County through the stewardship of community assets.

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March 2023
WCOC Meeting Speaker

HomeTrust of Ouray County

Presenters -

Andrea Sokolowski, Executive Director

Kelly Goodin, Director of Community Outreach & Partnerships

Andrea Sokolowski, Executive Director

Andrea is the Executive Director for the Home Trust of Ouray County, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community land trust based in Ridgway, CO.  She moved to Ridgway in 2014 and completed construction on a home with her husband in 2017. She has been an advocate of affordable housing and community sustainability since she joined the Ouray County Housing Committee in 2018. After attending a national conference on community land trusts, she helped found the Home Trust of Ouray County. She has a certificate in nonprofit management and over six years of commercial real estate development and property management experience. She is also on the Ouray County Planning Commission.  In her spare time, she enjoys international graffiti art, doing coastal hikes in Europe, and planting trees on her 2.5 acre property (43 and counting).


Kelly Goodin, Director of Community Outreach & Partnerships

Kelly moved to the area in 2005 and was very fortunate to benefit from Ridgway’s first affordable housing project, allowing her to become a homeowner in Ridgway in 2007. Kelly is committed to helping others gain such opportunities through the Home Trust’s vision of building an inclusive and economically diverse community.

Kelly served as the executive director for Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway for almost 18 years. Her background also includes behavioral health and community development within marginalized communities. With graduate degrees in social work and sport psychology, Kelly is passionate about supporting individuals, organizations, and communities in fulfilling their potential.

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