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Donate to Eva Schoonover

Local Ouray County resident, Eva Schoonover, is battling a rare form of metastatic (stage IV) soft tissue sarcoma.


Instead of limiting Eva to a meal train and lining up lots of WCOC members for the meals, the decision was made for the WCOC to designate the November and December Silver March for Eva (during the monthly meetings) OR through the link below if you want to use a credit card. A WCOC check will then be presented to Eva after the December 13 meeting as a result of the collected donations. She can then use it for whatever she may need - whether it be meals locally, or in Denver where many of her doctor appointments are located, or just to make the holidays a bit better for her and her family.


Your donation here - in whatever amount, will help this young family (she also has four boys!). Donations may also be given to WCOC treasurer Carol Harper by either cash or checks (please note for Eva on your check), or made on the WCOC Square site using a credit card with the link below (donate in the specific Eva Schoonover section).

Thank you!

Eva's Story

From Eva's Go Fund Me Page:

Local Ouray County resident, Eva Schoonover, is battling a rare form of metastatic (stage IV) soft tissue sarcoma.  Eva is a remarkable mom to four amazing boys. She has a unique talent (toughness) of being able to juggle 3 toddlers and run the office at Harlan's shop at the same time. So, when she felt some discomfort 2.5 years ago,  as tough as Eva is, she went and got checked out—her doctors found a small (2cm) mass that they thought was a benign uterine fibroid. These are very common in women who have multiple pregnancies so neither her doctors nor Eva thought anything of it.  Fast forward 2 years, during the 3rd month of Eva's pregnancy, she again felt that something wasn't right. Her doctors found that the fibroid had grown and was now 14cm. Last week, on the 24th, Eva knew something was wrong and went to the hospital where she found out that the mass was now 20cm (it had doubled in size in a month); her medical loaded her into a Flight for Life and airlifted her to Denver where she underwent emergency surgery to remove the mass--and upon further evaluation, it was determined that it was not a fibroid at all, but in fact, advanced soft tissue sarcoma that had invaded multiple areas including her unborn baby; On the 26th, Eva and Harlan lost their baby and found out that the cancer had advanced to her liver and lungs.  

So far, Eva has surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible but her liver and lung metastasis are not yet operable. Eva and Harlan are meeting with a sarcoma specialist and await what's next; likely chemo and radiation therapy to get things under control. Then on to advanced treatment. Aggressive cancers respond aggressively to treatment and her doctors are focused on time. 

Donations may also be made on the Go Fund Me page set up for Eva: 

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