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To use at future Candidates' Form when questions are asked by the community at the Forum - ahead of time. Set up the Google Docs form for question submission.

Candidate's Forum

The Candidates' Forum will be run by a moderator and timekeepers.


  • Questions for the Candidates must be submitted prior to the event by either the online link above OR at the Ouray Public Library (320 6th Avenue). 

    • Questions MUST be submitted by the day before the Candidates' Forum. No questions will be taken the day of - or the night of the Forum.
    • Similar questions may be combined ​- so if your exact question isn't presented, it is because it has been combined with other similar questions (in the interest of time)

  • Every question goes to ALL of the candidates in the category​, Questions may not be directed at only one candidate

  • Each Candidate will be given:

    • Two (2) minutes for an introduction

    • One (1) minute to answer the question presented to the group

    • Two (2) minutes after questions for closing statement

  • There will be NO verbal questions taken​ from the audience. ONLY questions provided ahead of time either submitted online OR at the Ouray Public Library.

  • No personal questions or attacks will be allowed at any candidates

  • Civility is expected at this event.

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